website review

Truly accessible websites have been reviewed using the actual tools used by individuals with visual impairment or cognitive disabilities. We use screen readers, not 'screen reader simulators'.  

The way it should be.

Abilidoc reviewers work in consultation with partially sighted or blind reviewers to examine every element of your website to ensure the most strict accessibility compliance, while ensuring that the design of your website and brand positioning is maintained, if not improved. We deliver the optimal balance of functionality, design and a truly validated, tried-and-tested user experience. 

Accessibility validation and certification


At the end of our review, we provide a comprehensive report detailing issues, risks and suggestions to help you complete an intuitively accessible design. Depending on your website template and needs, we may be able to help you meet AAA compliance, while we guarantee your website will meet AA compliance, which currently meets WCAG 2.0 and the most strict accessibility legislation worldwide.

Installation Service

Our website accessibility experts comprise of experienced website developers and programmers that offer assistance with implementation of required layout and format changes at competitive rates and on time. Contact us for more information.

Contact us to discuss your website accessibility goals