Who is Abilidoc?

Abilidoc is a not-for-profit network of researchers, advocates and persons with visual impairment with three objectives:

  • Promote the highest standard of accessible content through research with end-users and specialized service providers

  • Provide the lowest-cost accessible content through an innovative, content conversion process that leverages world-wide programming talent and review by English communication experts

  • Advocate for sufficient public funding for high-quality accessible content by operating on a non-profit basis to demonstrate minimum necessary costs

Governments around the world have made great progress in standardizing accessible content through legislation, but all too often the implementation falls short. Budgets are too low and for-profit accessible content providers are blamed for high bids. We end up with sub-par in-house solutions and a vicious cycle that continues to leave hundreds of millions of people in the dark. With an ageing population worldwide, the problem will only get worse until someone shines a light on the minimum necessary funding needed to make the digital world accessible to all.   

Abilidoc works with leaders in accessibility research and standardization provide next-generation web content accessibility services. We are the first accessible web content provider to incorporate review by persons with visual impairment for quality assurance and optimal design. Our clients are in progressive government, educational and corporate sectors. 
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Truly accessible is:

  • Compliant with the latest and most demanding legislation and of the highest quality

  • Tested by users who are partially sighted or blind using the most commonly used technology

  • Easy to implement and works well with original website designs


We take your privacy and information security very seriously. Abilidoc processes your documents using highly secure SSL transmission, web and email servers. We also encourage signed confidentiality agreements between us and our clients, as well as ensure that our reviewers are individually signed on every website project undertaken to meet government clearance standards.


We adhere to very strict delivery standards. Expect a response within hours of your document submission or website review query, confirming your delivery date. We can turn around most documents within 2-3 business days.


Our document and website review teams are specialized and our process design is highly efficient - reducing accessible content conversion costs by an average of 70%. We produce the highest quality accessible documents and website review at the bare minimum cost.


We are committed to providing the highest quality document conversion and website review services. We go beyond alt-text, we'll thread the most complex creative artwork in Adobe InDesign, layer text and image descriptions in a secondary process in Adobe Acrobat and then test it on our screen readers.

Purpose driven.

At the core of our network is the involvement and employment of the actual target audience in the document and website design process. While we are proud to provide these employment opportunities, we also believe this is essential to creating the highest quality accessible web content.

Abilidoc was selected as one of the IGNITE 2015's TOP 26 in the Young Entrepreneur and General Entrepreneur category. The Ignite competition is held by the Spark Centre, a Regional Innovation Centre funded by the Province of Ontario.

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IGNITE 2015'S Top 26

Abilidoc Foundation

Registered not-for-profit #10698687 Canada Foundation
Registered accessible technology service provider with Industry Canada
Registered member of the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP)